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Does Magnetic therapy work for everyone?

According to recent scientific studies, 85% to 90% benefit from magnet therapy

HoW Quickly DOes Magnetic Therapy Work?

With some people the results are very dramatic while others may be more subtle. Generally people will notice an improvement within one to thirty days .

What WOrks Better? A Necklace or Bracelet?

It depends on what you are trying. to ·treat. Because the magnets work by ionizing the blood and there is more blood flowing through the neck than the wrist or ankle, more blood is being ionized with a necklace. Also, with a necklace, the ionized blood is being pumped directly into your head and arms, or is passing through your heart and being pumped directly into the rest of your body, so generally, a necklace provides the most dramatic and immediate overall results. It is especially recommended for migraine· headaches and moderate to severe arthritis all over the body. A bracelet is especially helpful for severe arthritis, tendonitis or carpel tunnel in the wrist or hand where it is worn

Care and Cleaning

We recommend cleaning your jewelry with warm water and mild soap. Then wipe with a soft cloth. The clasps on our jewelry are also strong magnets! If you want to take the jewelry off for any reason, please remember to separate the clasp by bending the edges away from each other, not pulling apart as this could cause the poly inside to stretch or break. You can put a dab of any oil on ends to prevent rusting, If rusting occurs, it can be brushed off with a mild abrasive brush such as a fine sandpaper. Wiping the ends of clasp daily will also prevent rusting. If you take your necklace off for an extended period of time, it should be placed on a metal surface such as a washer, dryer or refrigerator and formed into a circle. If not the necklace may not lay smoothly when you put it back on. If that happens it can be straightened out again by laying it out on a metal surface and forming it into a circle and then heating it a bit with a hair dryer. After it cools off, it should be good as new

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